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The Little Chickadee

Spring is closing in.  It was nice late this afternoon.  Maybe a little chilly, but great to be outdoors.  I went down to the river to do a little photography.  There were plenty of birds around.  In the 40 minutes or so that I was down there, I saw chickadees, hairy woodpeckers, titmice, red-bellied woodpeckers, cardinals, turkey vultures, and canadian geese.  As you can tell it is slowly starting to green up out there.

150403_041_n1_p_wpSoon the little ones will start showing up.  Time to start looking for nests.

Mysterious Bridge

After work last Friday I headed to the South side of town.  Going over the bridge on Lake Decatur, fog made it very difficult to see.  As soon as I crossed the bridge, I was back out of the fog.

The thought came to me.  I know of an old bridge that would look great in the fog.  Off I drove.  So for the next 25 minutes, I cut through the city, and then I hit the country roads.  Driving down to the river via an old road,there they were.  Fog, river, bridge and a boat, all welcoming me .  Alright.  Time to break out the camera.  Out came the tripod, I needed that to compose the image and for the slower shutter speed.

150324_024I love it when bad weather makes for a great image.  Foggy dreary days are some of the best for photographers.  Don’t let bad weather run your day, let it open the treasure of creativity.  After all was done with the camera, it was time to sit back and enjoy the moment.  Geese, ducks, woodpeckers, nuthatches and other birds all made music for my ears.  My, what God has created…

Recent Time With Camera

I have not posted in a while.  I thought I would post a few images taken since the last post.

Today, I was waiting for the snow to start.  It looks like it will tomorrow, now.  So, I did some bird photography.

White-breasted Nuthatch

White-breasted Nuthatch

I spent time using my truck as a hide while photographing down by the Sangamon River for the above image.

Two weekends ago, I went to LeClaire, IA to photograph eagles.  The eagle counts are low because of the warm weather and lack of ice.  I made the trip with a friend and ran into two other friends from Mount Zion.  It was a good time talking and getting some great pictures of the eagles.

Eagle catching fish on Mississippi River at Lock and Dam 14

Eagle catching fish on Mississippi River at Lock and Dam 14

Eagles are always fun to photograph.  It is great to see them soar while looking for fish, then skim the surface of the river and come up with a catch.

I took an evening to watch and photograph a high school basketball game between Decatur’s Lutheran School Association and A & M.

Slam dunk by Lutheran School basketball player

Slam dunk by Lutheran School basketball player

About all I can say about this picture is OUCH!!!

One evening I was driving around.  It was foggy out.  Driving past Central Park, the fountain took on a new glow.

Foggy Night at Central Park, Decatur, IL.

Foggy Night at Central Park, Decatur, IL.

Stop the truck, roll down the window, and shoot.

A cousin got married in December.  I took some candid photographs of the behind the scenes during the formal pictures.

Rose and Adam's Wedding

Rose and Adam’s Wedding

Rose and her mom having a laugh.  Something must have been funny.

Rose and Adam's Wedding - Riding Away on the Firetruck

Rose and Adam’s Wedding – Riding Away on the Firetruck

Both were having fun at the time as they drove off leaving us all behind.

This fall, Rock Springs had a candle light tour of the old homestead.

Volunteer During Candle Light Tour at Rock Springs Homestead.

Volunteer During Candle Light Tour at Rock Springs Homestead.

It was a cool November night, but everyone had fun.  The volunteers told stories about the days gone by.

Mark Schultz was in concert at Grace United Methodist Church.

Mark Schultz In Concert at Grace United Methodist Church in Decatur, IL.

Mark Schultz In Concert at Grace United Methodist Church in Decatur, IL.

It was the second time I photographed him in concert in the last year.

Another Concert was Remedy Drive.  The concert was brought in by “Fan the Flame Christian Concerts”.

Remedy Drive Concert

Remedy Drive Concert

The fog made for some great photography.  The music was great, also.  And so was the message.

Rock Springs Conservation Area always has something going on.  Here is another one of their programs.

Old Time Tools In Use At Rock Springs In Decatur

Old Time Tools In Use At Rock Springs In Decatur

Now there is some talent.  He shared a lot of information about tools from that time period.

More time spent with camera and birds on the Sangamon River.

Hairy Woodpecker Down by the Sangamon River

Hairy Woodpecker Down by the Sangamon River

I love the fall color in the background.

Sunset in Rural Macon County, IL.

Sunset in Rural Macon County, IL.

After photographing birds all day, a great sunset completed the day.

And to finish of some of my photography the last three months of 2014 I will share some images from Rocky Mountain National Park.  I had a great time photographing by myself and with another photographer by the name of Weldon Lee.  i look forward to going back again.  This was my first trip there.

141002_683_n1_p_e 141002_772_j_p_wp 141002_989_j_p_wp 141012_002_IMG 141012_003_IMG 141012_005_IMG 141012_006_IMG

Bull Elk and Cows at Rocky Mountain National Park

140928_468_n1_p_wp 140929_012 140929_322_n1_p_wp 140929_393_n1_p_wp 140930_1361_j_p_fb 140930_1368_j_p_wp2

Storm Mount Lookout, Colorado

Storm Mountain Lookout, Colorado

Well, you can see what I did this last year for October, November and December of 2014 along with January of 2015.  It was a great time and hope to have more fun in the next year.  It is always joy to get out and enjoy the outdoors and to spend time with family and friends.  All of those are gifts from God.  I hope you have enjoyed some of the blessing I have seen and experienced this last year.  Hopefully more will follow.

Fridays are Golden


140425_022_n1_p_e_1It has been a long week.  After work I moved some flower pots around the backyard and enjoyed seeing what prairie plants are popping up in my backyard.  Then for a little relaxation in the big chair in the living room.  Two episodes of Duck Dynasty to set the mood for the rest of the evening.  Grabbing camera I headed for Spitler Woods State Park.  The woodland flowers are coming up all over.  Bluebells, trout lily, dutchmans breeches, and red trillium are what you can see.

Not long before the sun set, I was looking for something that had the glow of the setting sun on it.  Most of the forest floor was in the shade.  Gold, I see.  Great light on the flower and background.  Getting the legs spread out to get my tripod on the ground, I lay down on the ground.  Then the unthinkable.  Coming down the trail are a mother and young son.  I just took all the effort to get down here and they show up.  I gave in and moved some and they gave in and walked around me.  I am grateful for that.

Back to the flower, getting out a reflector to add more light and time to capture light.  That is what photography is all about.  Capturing light.

Heading home, I put the canopy over the swing in the backyard.  I took it down for the winter.  Then I sat in the swing for an hour listening to all the sounds and spending some time reading a book on my phone.

The end of the week was great.  I found the pot of gold in several ways.  I hope you enjoy the one part I can share and I hope it brightens your day.

Short Time at Spitler Woods State Park

I took a short jaunt at Spitler Woods tonight.  The flowers are really popping out of the ground now.


I am not sure what the above plant is, but they were all over.  Soon, I will probably know when they start blooming.  As of now the only thing blooming is the Dutchman’s Breeches.  There are not many, and the cold had an effect on them, but they has started Spring at the park.


The weekend looks to be nice.  I am hoping to spend more time outside.  Going to spend time with family celebrating Christ this Easter.  I hope everyone’s weekend is full of Christ’s Blessings, family and friends along with some time to relax.

Great Concert Last Sunday

Sunday night was an evening of Music.  Three Christian Bands performed in Clinton, Illinois at the First Christian Church.    The concert was coordinated by “Fan the Flame Christian Concerts”.   Fan The Flame Christian Concerts is a husband and wife team that is bringing Christian Bands to central Illinois.  They are creating a ministry via the events, by contributing all monies from ticket sales to benefit charities.  This is a great thing they are doing, I pray much success for them.

J. J. Heller at First Christian Church in Clinton, IL.

J. J. Heller at First Christian Church in Clinton, IL.

J. J. Heller was the first band to come out on stage.    They are a husband and wife team.  She is a song writer and has some children books to her credit.  The music is easy-going, and seems to fit in with their “coffee shop” venues in the past.  They met while playing coffee shops while in college.  They projected some pictures from a book she has written during the concert to add to the show.

The Band Selah

The Band Selah

Selah is a band formed by three members, two of which have lived in Africa.      They shared songs and testimony of struggles in their lives and showed that many in the audience have shared in the same struggles.  Amy has a powerful voice which combined with the other two great musicians has brought their songs to be number one on the charts and allowed them to win many Dove Awards.

Mark Schultz Getting Everyone Ready for the Finally of the Concert

Mark Schultz Getting Everyone Ready for the Finally of the Concert

Mark Schultz played a couple of times during the concert by himself and also joined the other bands.     His message was powerful and he shared a video to about veterans and asked all U.S. Veterans to stand to be recognized.  He shared songs of praise to our God and also shared some pictures of  his family.  Someday his son will appreciate his father showing those pictures with the world.  Hopefully he won’t be too embarrassed.  It is just one of those things that proud parents do with their children.

First Christian Church did a great job hosting the event.  Fan the Flame Christian Concerts did a great job in bringing in top artists.  The artists were fantastic in bringing words and song to praise God and encourage those attending.

It was a very enjoyable night.



Great Photography and Backyard Habitat Workshop Today

Red Wing Blackbird

Red Wing Blackbird Along Roadside

Today was a fun day.  Some friends, Richard and Susan Day of “Daybreak Imagery”   were in town today giving a presentation.  The Decatur Camera Club and Macon County Conservation District organized the workshop.  Richard started off talking about taking pictures of birds in your backyard.  He shard some of the equipment, blinds and patience it takes to get the photographs.  He shared some tips such as backgrounds, placement of seeds, use of water and many other things.

Then Susan took over and talked about planting for wildlife.  She talked about the flowers, plants, trees and shrubs needed to attract birds, butterflies and hummingbirds.  She is an expert in the field and has written books and many articles on the subjects.

Richard ended the program talking about photographing butterflies, dragonflies and humming birds.  He talked about the equipment needed from the most basic to the elaborate to accomplish the task.

Richard and Susan have been published by National Geographic, Audubon, and many other magazines.  Their photography and writings have been used in many calendars, cards and articles.  They give presentations throughout Illinois and surrounding area on their crafts.

Thanks for  a great day, and the encouragement you always give after seeing your presentations.  I went out afterwards and took a few minutes along a roadside to photograph the Red Wing Blackbird above.  Some of the tips they shared helped in capturing the image.  I imagine everyone attending walked away with some new knowledge in attracting and photographing wildlife.  Thanks again…