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Great Horned Owl Chicks

With Spring working its way in, baby birds and animals will start making themselves known.  Sometimes you are lucky to find photo opportunities on your own and other times people will share those great places with you.  A co-worker and birder told me he had a nest of owls in his neighborhood.  He said it was a couple of houses down from where he lived.  He and his girlfriend had been enjoying them for a few weeks and had enjoyed hearing the parents all winter.

Not having opportunities often to photograph owl chicks, I headed out.  It is a 25 minute drive to the nest site from my house.  People ask, why would you drive 25 minutes to see a bird’s nest?  Because when the opportunity presents itself, it can be a real hoot…  I know, I could have chosen my words better there.

150327_070_n1_p_wpIt was fun watching the owls.  One of the parents was watching me too.  It was a nice evening and I was even able to talk with one of the neighbors who was excited to have them nesting nearby.

Hopefully I will have more of these kids as they grow up and leave the nest.

Just Looking

House Sparrow

I set up a blind again to photograph from Saturday.  It sure lets you get closer to the birds.  I don’t have much room in the area I am photographing so clean backgrounds are not the norm.  They are more of an enviromental shot.  It is amaizing how many birds show up when you put food out.  And it is amaizing the sound they make when startled and they all fly for cover.  It was an hour well spent.

Tiffany And Marcus’ Wedding Shower

Later in the day there was a wedding shower for some friends.  Tiffany and Marcus will marry in January.  I wish them God’s greatest blessings and a great life together.