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Change of Plans


Last week a friend and  I took a day to go to Wolf Creek on Lake Shelbyville to photograph some deer.  After driving around and talking with some DNR people, we decided to change plans.  DNR said that the deer counts were really down.  Blue Tongue Disease has been getting to the deer the last two years.  So we decided to do a little GEO Caching.  We found one in the park by going online.  We loaded the info into the GPS and off we trekked.  It took us to a cemetery in the park.  After about 10 minutes we found the cache.  It was originally placed in a 35mm film canister.  After reading through some posts, we found it had been changed to a mint can.  To make things worse, there were leaves all over the place covering and filling all the hiding spots.  But we had success.

Then it was back on the road.  Driving around Shelby County we saw an eagle’s nest I found last year.  It is deep on someones property so there was no access to photograph.  The nest still looked to be in good shape.


So, we looked for old barns.  The sun was right and the golden light was upon us.  So the change of plans was good.  We found a Geo-cache, and eagles nest, and some old barns.  It was a good way to get out, relax and explore.

Old Barn


This is one of my favorite barns to photograph.  After work on Friday, I took to the road.  I returned to a scene the produces many great photographs.

I found this barn one time after photographing something for a friend.  I had been looking for a barn such as this and it appeared from nowhere (sort of).  This is all the reason to take the long road home and hit the county roads.  This is a place I will return to many times in the future.

I did not make it earlier this year as planed.  It would have been a good year for it.  The last few years, the barn had corn planted around it.  This year it looks like they planted beans.  I made it after the harvest as you can tell.  Barns like this are great.