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A Band Called Carrollton

Last night, I took a road trip to Yorkville, IL.  The city had a festival at the park.  There were the usual carnival rides, and carnival food.  A band called Carrollton was playing too.  They are a Christian band that you hear on Christian radio a lot.

I arrived a little over an hour early.  There were tables around, but they were reserved for the sponsors of the festival.  There was one unmarked table with someone sitting at it.  We started talking and I found out he was there to help the band unload and load the trucks.

Soon the concert started.  Time for action.  I grab camera and went on a mission.  The band started playing while it was still light out.  There was the evening glow as the sun went down.160902_287_n1_p_wp

I love capturing facial expressions of the band members.  The put a lot of effort into their music.

As the sun set below the horizon, the lights started coming up.  that is when I have the most fun with camera.  It can be difficult with the changing light intensity, but the mood and expression is what I look for.



The group sings Christian music and tries to make people think more about God, and bring Christ centered family time for people to enjoy.


Shooting somewhat from the side, I was able to capture this one.  I was shooting between all sorts of support rods for the set.  Time and patience pays off.


This was a small venue for the band.  Hopefully I will be able to see and photograph them at a bigger venue some day.

Carrollton, thanks for a great night of music and Praise.