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Ordinary Can Be Beautiful


The other day, I took some time to look for some deer trails at Rock Springs that were located close to a parking lot.  Deer frequent the area, and I was looking for a well used trail that would have great evening light.  The place I was investigating, may have good light a little later in the year.  The sun would have to come through some trees at an earlier time of day to also be the right angle for great lighting.  I hope to return soon and get some great images.

After scouting the area, I sat on a bench and watch the wetlands.  There was not much activity, but it was nice to get outside.  I had my camera, but had not really taken any pictures as of yet.

Suddenly, the light was starting to glow, and normal everyday grasses became interesting.  The grasses had the golden light of the last part of the day and the side lighting was giving them color, texture and depth.

Laying on the ground I lowered my tripod and waited for a lull in the breeze.  Click, Click, and Click again, the shutter was tripped.  I tried different compositions, and lens effects, to produce an image I am pleased to share.

It was a good day.  I found some trails for the future, that I would like to work.  I found some time to relax in the fall sun, and listen to the sounds of nature.  And I was open to seeing a treasure in an ordinary place.

Sometimes ordinary can be so beautiful.