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Waterlogged Chimney

We humans think chimneys and water don’t mix.  Nature tells us a different story.  This evening after work I spent some time at Rock Springs around the “Rodney Miller Wetlands”.    There was a lot of wind blowing, so I had to be selective.Crawfish Chimney in Wetlands at Rock Springs

Crawfish Chimney in Wetlands at Rock Springs

Walking along I almost stepped on it.  A chimney here in the middle of a wet field.  Crawfish dig in the mud to make their home.  Moving the dirt from underground they make balls of mud, stacking them around their exit to create a chimney.    Crawfish need to keep their lungs moist to survive.  Their home underground is flooded with water.  During a drought they will pull the chimney back into their doorway to seal it off and to help maintain water in the underground halls they make.

No smoke from this chimney, just an entryway to a flooded underground castle.