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New Years Eve Day in the Snow

Happy New Years Eve to everyone.  Today I spent more time in the blind photographing birds.  I have been hoping for snow, and it came today.  Bundled up, I sat on a cooler (really) and waited for the action to happen.  After a few minutes the sparrows came in.  There are plenty of them around.  They can eat you out of house and home.  I took a few pictures of them while waiting for the birds I wanted to photograph.  I could hear them around me, but could not see them.  Cardinals were chirping and putting out their call.  It is a pretty sound they make.  Some people would not enjoy sitting in a blind, with the only comforts, a cooler to sit on and a soda pop to drink on a cold day.  For me, that is a whole lotta fun.  Soon the cardinals came in.  There were five at one time.  Everyone thinks of the bright red male cardinal, but the female is just as pretty.  She has softer colors.  They work really well with the snow as a background.  She is a soft, but eye-catching sight.

Female Cardinal and Snow

Female Cardinal and Snow

Soon, I could hear the Blue Jays.  Three or four would come in at a time.  The cardinals came in for the oiled sunflower seeds.  Blue Jays enjoy peanuts in the shell.  You don’t want to feed them the kind you buy at the grocery store that you enjoy eating.  You want raw and not roasted peanuts.  It was fun to see them land on the feeder and pick up a shell.  They would peck a hole in it most of the time.  I guess to see if it is full or empty.  Sometimes they would peck at it several times and it would sound similar to a woodpecker rapping on a tree.  Then they would put the whole peanut shell in their mouth and fly away.

Blue Jay in Snowy Bush

Blue Jay in Snowy Bush

As you can see the cardinals came back for more.  Thy would land in the bush next to the feeder and look around a little before hopping on down to the ground feeder.  The sound or the birds chirping and the sounds of their wings as the fly by are a great way to drift away from the schedule that fills my day.  Soon I hear what sounds like a hawk, but none of the birds scatter.  It must be a blue jay.  They will mimic a hawk.  Soon they are back with the sparrows, cardinals, chickadees, wrens and others fueling themselves with energy to stay warm tonight.

Female Cardinal Sitting in Bush with Snow

Female Cardinal Sitting in Bush with Snow

After spending a couple of hours in the blind, I headed to Rock Springs Nature Center   It was beautiful.  The snow blanketed the ground.  It would crunch as I walked the trails.  The sound of the woods in snow is quiet.  You will hear a bird once in a while, but silence is what snow brings.  First I headed to the old homestead.  During the warmer months they have people who give tours and talk about how people lived here.  There is no heat other than a couple of wood stoves.  I would guess they could keep it toasty in there.  A snowy day in a warm cabin sounds like fun.

Old Homestead on Snowy Day - Rock Springs Conservation Area

Old Homestead on Snowy Day – Rock Springs Conservation Area

Then I walked to the pine tree forest.  Seven deer ran across the path ahead of me.  I imagine they are the same ones I saw when at the homestead.  They were across the way at the pond.  They ran up the hill in the prairie.  Two of them stopped to watch me for a little while, and I watched them.  There was someone else with a couple of kids who enjoyed watching them also.  A minute or two went by and I was back on my way to the forest.

Survival Hut - Rock Springs Conservation Area

Survival Hut – Rock Springs Conservation Area

It was getting dark.  The sun had just went down.  There was this shelter in the middle of the forest.  Many times these are built by school children when they take group tours of Rock Springs  It is a teaching tool and the kids have fun.  I would be thankful to have a shelter like this if stranded somewhere, but I am really thankful for my nice warm home.

Playing in the snow is the best way to spend New Years Eve.  It made my day, and I had fun with the camera.  Have a Great and Blessed New Year.