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Another Morning In The Blind

Today I was able to set up and photograph from a new blind.  Someone I work with enjoys bird photography, but has had hit and miss luck with it.  I let him borrow a blind today and we set it up in his backyard.

It was really cool, as there were all kinds of birds, but no sparrows.  We set up regular feed and some suet to attract the birds.

It is amazing how different habitat to work with can make a difference in your pictures.  As mentioned before, I have a small space and a lot of habitat surrounding the area to work in.  Most of my pictures will be more environmental photography of the birds.  He has more open area with a lot of feeders.  We are able to work with the background more and give the pictures a different feel.

As he experiments with setups and backgrounds it should be fun to see the images that will come from the property.  Hopefully you will see images from both settings on the blog over the next year.

Nature is fun to watch and be in, whether it is walking in the woods, sitting in a wetland, along a mountain stream or sitting in your own backyard in a photo blind.  Take some time yourself and enjoy the natural environment around you.

Turkey Day Bird

Not quite a turkey, but a good bird for the day.  The area I photograph is in the shade during the good light of day.  So I welcomed the light cloud cover this morning.  It produced the diffused light later in the day that made photography work.

I have a very small area to work with, so there is not a lot of variety of setups yet.  As I learn, I hope to change things up a bit.


For right now I will be shooting a lot of sparrows.  That is what the seed we are using is bringing in.  I will add some new seed in the near future to hopefully draw more types of birds.  I still have some cardinals come in.  I had two male and one female at one time today.

Thanksgiving is a time with family and friends.  It is a time to reflect on what God has done for us.  We see the diversity and complexity of nature.  It amazes me how it all fits together.

I am thankful for His Son and the Salvation He brings.

I Hope Everyone has a Happy and Wonderful Thanksgiving, and Great Days to Come.

Just Looking

House Sparrow

I set up a blind again to photograph from Saturday.  It sure lets you get closer to the birds.  I don’t have much room in the area I am photographing so clean backgrounds are not the norm.  They are more of an enviromental shot.  It is amaizing how many birds show up when you put food out.  And it is amaizing the sound they make when startled and they all fly for cover.  It was an hour well spent.

Tiffany And Marcus’ Wedding Shower

Later in the day there was a wedding shower for some friends.  Tiffany and Marcus will marry in January.  I wish them God’s greatest blessings and a great life together.