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Northern Harrier

It started out to be an evening driving around to find some new landscape to photograph.  I did not have a lot of time, but headed out west of town.  While driving I remembered a place that I thought might be fruitful for some bird photography.  Some reason photographing birds really interested me tonight.  Heading down a dirt road there was lots of brush close by.  I was hoping to see some birds, but none were making themselves known.  Suddenly out of a ditch the harrier takes flight.  Down the road in front of me she landed.  I approached slowly, again she took off.  Landing on a steel post, it gave me a good view.  Now only if I can approach her without scarring her off.  Slowly I drove while turning my vehicle so I could point my lens out the driver’s side window.  There she sat, in good light.  Slowly I lifted my lens and depressed the shutter button.  A few more times the camera made that sound of recording an image.  Then, the harrier took off, leaving me behind.  Leaving me behind, but with a couple of nice images of a really cool bird.  I will return, and I hope the harrier does too.


Sunday was a day to celebrate.  Celebrate two lives joining to start a walk together.  The daughter of some of my friends said “I do”.  Here are some pictures from the day.

Laura and Matt saying “I do”


Its A Done Deal


Bride and Father Dance


The Bride’s Mom, Sister and Friend


It was a great time.  I wish them God’s blessings in all they do.  Congratulations Laura and Matt…





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