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Critter in Backyard

My small prairie patch in the backyard is showing all kinds of life.  I am not sure what this is, but it is interesting.

This summer should be full of some interesting subjects.  Some flowers have been planted already, but I purchased more last night.  We are putting in host plants for butterflies along with the nectar plants and also some Salvia for the hummingbirds.  More to come.

Spring Beauties


Sometimes a lunch break can be more than feeding the belly.  Lunch this day fed the heart.  A mid-day change for relaxation and creativity. 

Spring Beauties In Macon County, Illinois

Small World

So often we are told to look at the big picture.  That is very important, but the small picture is just as important.  The big picture has many small pictures that make it whole.  There is a big picture in my backyard.  Looking at it will tell an over all story.  It a story of people working year after year to produce something they enjoy.

Mock Orange Bush

  In our yards and in the parks, small things are really big things.  One persons weed is another’s life’s benefit.

White Clover

 Even clover is a small picture that has a larger picture.  It is an important plant for butterflies as a host plant and nectar plant.  For bees, it too is beneficial as a nectar plant.  Small picture, big picture, you can’t have one without the other.  Take a look at the big picture, then take a real look at the picture.

White Clover