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Flowering Trees

Friday night I spent the evening photographing flowering trees.  Spring is here, and I hope it stays.  Everything is blooming way ahead of time.  I am not complaining.  I am glad it is not cold out.  I hope the cold is gone for this season only to return no sooner than next winter.

Flowering Pear Tree in Bloom


Soon more flowers will appear and young birds will find their way into the world.  Butterflies will make their presence known.  Time to get the camera ready while taking time to watch nature come to life.  Take some time this Spring to sit under a tree, close your eye, and listen to the birds and breeze.  Walk along a river bank, watch some birds, or deer while soaking up some sun.  Sit on a log and admire God’s creation as it starts new life again this Spring.

Strings Attached band at Joe Sippers Cafe

A week ago on Saturday I headed for Effingham, IL. to a little coffee shop called “Joe Sippers Cafe”.  I have to tell you, coffee is not my thing.  But just to please those of us that don’t enjoy coffee they offer much more to drink.  Having tasted smoothies at other places, I thought I would try one here.  It was quite a delight.  They have probably the best smoothies I have ever tasted.  I started off with the “Strawberry Bomb”.  My taste buds exploded.  I spent a while sipping the smoothie while listening to some music and talking with other sippers there.  Soon, thirsty again and not wanting to pass the opportunity, I headed back for another.  This time it was the “Mango Mania”.  Crazy and great are all I can say.

Now for the real treat of the whole deal.

"Strings Attached" band at "Joe Sippers Cafe" in Effingham, Illinois

The “Strings Attached” band was playing that evening.  (Listen here for one of their songs that Marty put on a website )   This band is made up of some great musicians.  Gratton is three-time Illinois State Banjo Player Champion and two-time Missouri State Champion.  Melody is an Illinois State Fiddle Player Champion.  Marty plays guitar for a Chicago band called “Hello Dave”.  More on Marty can be found here.   and     Marylynne is a great bass player and keeps the band together.   Melody, Gratton and Marty also teach music lessons for several instruments.

The evening was a real treat.  Great clean fun and some Great Sounding Music.

Joe Sippers Cafe brings musicians in to perform on Saturdays.  If you have a chance, stop by for music and a tasty drink.  And if you ever have the opportunity to hear Strings Attached you will be quite impressed.