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Tree Line Glow

Friday after a day of GeoCaching driving back to town the sky was taking on color.  I always enjoy sunsets.  The colors and forms are always a surprise.  One moment nothing then the jackpot.  Friday was no different.  This group of trees grabbed me so out came the tripod and it all started for about 10 minutes.  Nothing like a colorful end to the day.

Tree Line Glow

Rushing Waters at Greenbrier Smoky Mountains

My second day at the Smoky Mountains a few weeks ago was spent at Greenbrier.  As mentioned before, this is a favorite place in the  park.  It is easy access, you avoid Gatlinburg, and it is quite with few people.  This was a rainy day.  The type of day the tourist dislike.

Fall Color At Greenbrier - Smoky Mountains

  I love those days when photographing.  The colors pop in the pictures.  Rain saturates the colors.  Here I was standing with camera on a tripod, with an umbrella over the top of the equipment taking the picture.  I guess I should have stayed at the hotel and watched TV till the sun came out.  What do you think?

Its A Bear

While I was in the Smoky Mountains a friend was in Georgia at a workshop.  One the way back he came back through the Smokys.  So we got together for two days to photograph.  Since he was arriving in the afternoon we stayed close to Gattlinburg.  Another trip to Greenbier.  Greenbrier is a favorite spot of mine in the park.  As we drove to a spot to photograph he mentioned that he wanted to see a bear.  Guess what, soon in front of us crossing the road was this cub.

Bear Cub at Greenbrier in the Smoky Mountains
The cameras came out and the shutters started clicking.  We had maybe five minutes with the cub.  Before the cub left two other people came by to watch.  Bears are always fun to watch.  Slowly the bear worked its way up the hill looking for food.  Soon the moment was all but a memory.  Time to move on and find a place to photograph a stream.  That is what our goal was for the day, to capture moving water.  The added bear was a Smoky Mountain Treat.