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Birds, Water And More Birds

Migration is going on, and Macon County is being treated with some great birding.  Pelicans, Great Egrets and more are ready to be seen.

Pelicans, Great Egrets and Great Blue Herons on Macon County, Illinois water

American White Pelicans are unusual for our area.  It was not untill the last few years that they visited us.  It seems they are moving east of the Mississippi River during migration now.  That is good.  These pelicans nest in the Boreal Forest of Canada and winter in the Southern States and Central America.

The American White Pelican has a wingspan up to 114 inches

American White Pelican - Macon County, Illinois

Great Egrets nest in Illinois and are Summer residents.  Most nesting is done in trees with some nests on the ground.  They spend the winter months in the Southern States and Central America.  Wing span of the Great Egret can be as wide as 157 inches.

Great Egret - Macon County, Illinois

 After a day of photographing, a sunset is always welcome.  Sunsets are always fun to photograph.  Reflections on water give a different perspective to wildlife on water as it does with these pelicans.  Sometimes people leave too early when waiting around for 20 minutes gives new opportunities.

Pelicans in Macon County, Illinois on water at sunset

Sunset in Macon County, Illinois

There is so much to see out there.  Take some time this fall while we have great weather to see nature at it finest.  Along with the fall migration, the leaves are ready to turn.  Hopefully we will have a great year for that.  I am looking forward to hearing leaves under my feet as I walk the woodland trails.  There is always something to look forward to as the seasons change.  Just don’t forget to enjoy the season we have now. 

Grande Levee – Harvest Festival and Riverview Band

Friday and Saturday of this week Vandalia, Illinois had their yearly “Grande Levee – Harvest Festival”.

There were many activities for all.  Homemade ice-cream was a must to try.  Friday night ham and beans were the dinner being offered.  That included a hotdog, slaw, fruit and a drink.

Ham and beans at the Grande Levee – Harvest Festival – Vandalia, Illinois

There was some great music to listen too.  The “Riverview Band” from Vandalia brought on some Bluegrass Music.  Melody and Phil Freeman from Vandalia along with a musician from Effingham and one from Teutopolis, Illinois played. 


 Another musician from Effingham also joined in for a time. 
 Saturday there was much more going on.  There was a BBQ cook off, more music, and food for all.  Both nights there was a carnival for the adventurous, too.
Family entertainment was enjoyed all night long.