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Neighbor’s Robbin Nest

Robin Sitting on Nest in Birch Tree

After mowing the lawn the other day, I noticed a nest in one of my neighbor’s trees.  Sitting in it was a Robin.  Yesterday I took a few minutes to photograph it.  I hope to get a few more before the eggs hatch, but I avoid putting pressure on nesting birds till the eggs hatch.  I would not want to chase them off and loose the birds. So, for now I will limit my time at the nest.  After they hatch I can spend a little more time with them.  So hopefully there will be more to follow soon.

A Couple Recent Times of Enjoying Nature

Sportsmans Club Gazebo on Lake Decatur and Water Blur

  A few weeks ago after work I stopped by a place on Lake Decatur called the Sportsman’s Club.  It is my understanding at one time there was a club in this location.  Now it is a park with a small boat ramp to the lake along with a walk way out into the lake leading to a gazebo.  It was getting close to dark and the other two photographers (and friends) had left.  We had been photographing pelicans across the lake.  I decided to stay and play around with long exposures to allow the water to blur.  It gives it a soft pleasing look.

Tree Swallow Sitting on Bluebird Nesting Box at Rock Springs Macon County, Illinois

Yesterday during lunch I drove to Rock Springs Conservation Area ( ).  I went to pick up a few things and to look at the artwork hanging in the galleries.  There are some great pieces to see if you have time to stop by.  While driving the road out of the park, I was able to take this photograph.  I would guess this tree swallow has taken the bluebird nest box over.  I would rather see a bluebird, but still enjoy this one.  Macon County Conservation District puts many bluebird boxes out on their properties.  I hope to have some time to photograph some of the blue birds in action at the boxes this spring.  

Flowers at sunset at Rock Springs Nature Center

 After work yesterday I took a more time to do some photography.  I stopped by a few sites and came back to Rock Springs.  It was a few minutes before sunset and I grabbed this shot.  Walking to my vehicle I enjoyed the quietness of the prairie at dusk.  With a little bug spray an evening in the prairie can be rather enjoyable.

Close up Snapdragon


Snapdragon from Backyard


Looking at the sky and computer, it looked like it was going to rain.  I was in the mood to do some photography, so I went home and played in the backyard.  We have a flower box that was planted last weekend and the flowers are doing great.  So, out came the tripod and macro lens and time to look at the world from a different point of view.  Even though these were planted for Mom on Mothers Day, it will be a playground for me all summer.  More to come the next few months.