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Playing in the Snow

Filling my neighbors yard up

We had maybe four inches of snow today.  Unfortunately I was not able to go out and photograph during the day.  Getting home from work after dark, I started to work on clearing the drive.  I decided to toy around with the camera before starting.  The neighbors probably wondered what was going on with the flashes of light from between the houses.

It is a little odd, but mowing grass is not my idea of fun.  Give me a snow blower and I have a blast.  Shoveling is not the most entertaining, but running the machine is enjoyable.  But photographing the snow is more interesting to me, so I combined them.

Using a photo blind in the backyard

Our backyard is very small and congested.  It is very difficult to set a blind up to photograph from.  I gave it a try today and was pleased with the results. 

The distance from the bushes that I was set up was about twelve feet.  I was using a Doghouse photoblind.  I have been using my vehicle as a blind in the past and was only able to get so close.  The birds seemed a little reluctant to come in while shooting from the vehicle.  After talking with Richard Day of Daybreak Imagery I gave the blind a try.  He said my movements were probably too noticable through the window of the truck.

It looks like I will give it a try again.