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More Pelicans in Decatur

 Finding a high vantage point on Lake Decatur I watched this group of pelicans.  I sat and sat and sat with not much happening.  Just a bunch of birds in the distance not doing much.  It was a matter of patience, time, and if something would happen.

So, I made the best of it.  There was much activity around.  Ducks and geese were making all kinds of noise.  The sound of the wind coming from my back and the change of sunlight with the coming and passing of the clouds.

Geese are always fun to watch.  They would fly by and circle around and land across the waterway from me.  Watching them land they make a splash.

After a while, I begin to wonder, is this going to be a bust?  The sights and sounds made it a worthwhile time, but I was hoping for some flight shots.

Then things started to happen.  Then a couple of pelicans took off and flew right past me.  This is great.  I hope the others follow suit.  A few more take off.  And then more.  This was the opportunity I was hoping for.

Groups were now flying.  Some were flying across the way from me.  They would start of low then fly above the tree line.  If only they would stay close to the waterline.  That would give me a great background.  Then it happened.  A few groups gave me the chance.

But, not only were they flying across the way, but they were flying almost over my head.  They were coming within forty feet of me.  These are big birds.  Tracking them as they get that close become a challenge.  But, no complaints here.  Just to see them is a great experience.

As big as they are, they seem to move slow.  Then they are upon you.

A great way to spend an evening.  I could be watching re-runs on TV, but I would rather spend it watching God’s Creation and listening to the music.

Pelicans are new to this area.  Their migration routes are moving eastward.  It has just been the last three years that they have visited Lake Decatur.  Hopefully more will make it this way on their future travels.  A welcome guest for those willing to take time to just sit, watch and listen.

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter, David

Lunch with the Birds

Lunch time is like a mini vacation.  I always try to find somehthing fun and relaxing to do.  This last week, I did some birding with my camera.  I pulled up to an area that I have been able to photograph woodpeckers.  Getting out of the car and looking up, I could see way up in the sky above me a bunch of pelicans.  there were 20-30 of them.  I did not take the time to  count them since my goal was to photograph them.  They circled and moved down river then seemed to head north.  I don’t know if that was the last of them or if they came back.  I imagine they are looking forward to the trip to the boreal forest to nest.

Pelicans Aloft

Next I set up to photograph Norther Flickers.  They are in the woodpecker family.  They are the only woodpecker that spends more time eating on the ground than in the trees.  They love ants from what I understand.

I had a total of three flickers to  choose from.  They are a pretty bird.  The area brings a lot of opportunity being there are downy woodpeckers, red-bellied woodpeckers and norther flickers visiting.  So for about 20 minutes, I watched, listened and photographed.

Again lunch is a mini vacation.  Spring is here, so get out and enjoy a little outdoors.