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Barred Owl


This afternoon I went on a search to photograph owls.  There were two places I went on the hunt.  The first was along the Sangamon River.  Trying to call in a barred owl, I brought in a hawk.  I did not get a good look at it and it was a distance away. 

The second is down a road to a small nature preserve.  In the past I had seen owls flying across the road before arriving at the preserve.  I parked my truck along the road and called for the barred owl.  After ten minutes or so, I was pleased to see one fly in.  I took a few pictures and it flew across the road.  Getting out of my vehicle, I was able to take this one. 

After leaving there, I went to the preserve.  Walking around a pond, I saw lots of deer tracks.  This is Illinois, and we have lots of deer. 

It was getting dark by this time, so I visited the spot where I photographed the owl mentioned earlier.  I parked in a cemetary next to the road and called again.  To my pleasure, an owl arrived again.  This time it was hidden well in the tree.  I watched if for a while then left to go home.