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Monarch and Lake

 The backyard has not produced many butterflies this year.  I saw two monarchs one day a few weeks back.  They must have been productive.  Yesterday I was able to photograph this caterpiller.  I looked for it today and did not see it.  I will look again tomorrow. 

Monarch Larva in Backyard

I have been wanting to get out and do some landscape photography lately.  I took off for Lake Shelbyville tonight to see what I could find.  The water is still up from what I would like to see.  The trees along the bank that I wanted to photograph were still underwater.  I talked with a Consevervation Officer at one of the places I photographed and he said the place this lake picture was taken had just opened up.  The lake had been high enough that they had the gate closed to keep people out.

Walking the bank was fun.  The sand on the bank was still soft and gave way a few times.  The sounds were great to hear.  Only the sounds of nature and a boat only once or twice.  One of the other dirt boat launches I stopped at had one truck and trailer.  I imagine that is who I heard.


It seems like fall.  The weather is cool and great.  I love this kind of weather.  I will take this anytime of the year.  Keep it coming.

Hello world!

Well, I finally did it.  The blog has been started.  I hope you will come back to see some of my future photo adventures.  Life is Great

We're in this together...

We're in this together...